Heaven's Bounty Gushes Forth

Monsoon Raindrops Gushing Down from the Patio

     Rain poured from the heavens saturating our parched desert the other night.  With delight we flung open the door and stood transfixed on the patio, rejoicing at the refreshing blessing.  Plants covered in the dirt and grime of summer's dust and heat were washed clean.  Mini lakes quickly formed at the edge of the patio as the earth gasped to gulp in the water.
     Water, that brings life to the desert, touches the life within us, easing away the dirt and grime from stress, hard-working days, cares not carried to the Lord, hopes and disappointments of parenthood, the mysterious future. Washed away with the Lord's caressing rain.  At last. Refreshment.

     130) for monsoon rains and other blessings, I give thanks today.
     131) for God being our God for ever and ever, guiding us even to the end (Psalm 48:14 NIV)
     132) for our oldest's pursuit of a job
     133) for a schedule of several upcoming recruitment jobs at the university
     134) for a friend editing one of my writing pieces for submission
     135) for an invitation to help with the newcomer's ministry at church
     136) for online friendships and emails from friends
     137) for our new camera
     138) for how much everyone enjoyed our photos from Carmel
     139) for the Lord's real presence in Communion
     140) for overcast monsoon summer days that cool the heat off this desert
     141) for our young men still at home
     142) for a God-meeting that may work into an internship for the youngest
     143) for a job interview with the local school district
     144) for a connection set up by You with someone who may be able to find a permanent job for me
     145) for inspiring the cover letter for another job
     146) for Hubby's (WOW!) when he read the cover letter (he only speaks Minnesotan--"yea, that's good"
     147) for your grace, Lord, to endure the numerous application processes involved in finding a job
     148) for all the friends and coworkers who blessed me with letters of reference
     149) for our women's Bible Study that concluded with joy, laughter, sharing from the heart.
     150) for the heart-shaped wooden spoon my Hubby bought for me

     "Sacrifice thank offerings to God, fulfill your vows to the Most High, and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me."  Psalm 50:14&15 NIV

     What thank offerings have you lifted up to the Lord recently?

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