Moving On

Photo by trbpix
     Do you remember moving day at your home? For us, it was filled with mixed emotions. Excitement for what lay ahead and sadness at what we were leaving behind. Boxes were heaped up and we hoped everything was in the right place and boxes marked properly. All the energy expended left us little resources to pull from as we waved good-bye to longtime friends. Our eyes were glued to the scene, taking in our first home until we rounded the corner and couldn't see it any longer.

     We wondered if the friendships we had made would carry through the distance and time. The Lord blessed us as our friends traveled to see us, to make sure we were adjusting to our new home. Nineteen years later, we are just as close in heart as we were when we lived only a couple of streets or miles away. All of us made the effort through conversations and visits and critical times to hang by each other's side. Friendships carved by the loving hand of God. 

     Well, here at "Heart-Filled Moments", we are moving today. And we are excited! We sincerely hope the friends we have made here will follow us to our new address. It's still "Heart-Filled Moments" but it's on another site. Just click on the link above or add to your address book. We would love to have you come for a visit and stay for a long time. You are dear friends and we want to keep that friendship going just as we were blessed to do in our physical move from California to Arizona.

     Looking forward to seeing you there. We'll have the coffee and sweet rolls waiting.

From My Heart to Yours,