Five Minute Friday Challenge--Fight

      Each week, Lisa-Jo invites us join her in writing for 5 minutes straight on ONE word. No corrections, no pauses, just a free-flowing thought process. Mind to fingers to paper.

     This week's word is FIGHT

     Ready. Set. Go.

Photo by djclear904 on Flicker Creative Commons

     Fight. It always conjures up images of two men bouncing around a ring, throwing punches, proving their prowess. Masculinity is so confusing at times. Why do men offer themselves up in a bloody ring just to prove they are men? And why do men gather around their TVs on Friday night to watch these Fights? Worse are the ones who actually attend this hideous match.
     I find it astounding that cock-fighting is against the law but it's okay to throw punches at other men, men made in the image of God to see who will knock the other's block off first. It's primal, uncivilized, and certainly unChristian.
     Could we as women change a man's need to fight by respecting them and encouraging them instead? By showing them their true nature and who God really made them to be?

     Maybe then there would be less fights necessary to prove a man. And less fights against a woman to prove who rules the roost.


From My Heart to Yours,