She Did It!

by Keith Kendrick
I'm joining Lisa-Jo Baker at Five-Minute Friday. The topic she has chosen for us to write on is  

     "She did it!" the little girl wailed, looking at her smushed ice cream cone drooling on the cement. When your the teacher of younger children, it is not uncommon to deal with the "She did its" or the "He did its". But what is really behind these heart-felt wails of the children. Babes, sometimes so insecure because they have left their mother's arms and for the first time are dealing with a circus of other children surrounding them. Some of them just long for the security of home where they knew what to expect. Others feel a sense of no control with all the bustling around them. In fear they lash out for a way to control their situations.
     As adults we sometimes say the same thing but silently in our hearts. And our reasons are not much different. Insecurity, fear, loss of control, lack of acceptance. All these feelings can make us wail, "She did it."

From My Heart to Yours,
Five Minute Friday