The Impossible Dream

     To be the kind of person who would have the determination, drive, ability, and persistence to walk into another person's life and make a powerful and positive difference was the deepest desire of my heart. Even before Jesus had come knocking on the door of my heart, I thought I could do that if I just did not give up  and continued to encourage and lead that person into a new and hope-filled life.

     To live the lyrics of "The Impossible Dream" was the song of my heart. To believe I could turn an impossible situation around. That I could "fight the unbeatable foe," or "run where the brave dare not go." To hope that I would "bear with unbearable sorrow," and that I would not give up when my "arms were too weary," was my heartbeat. These lyrics from the Broadway play, Man of La Mancha, hummed through my mind and their life ran in my blood. The main character of the play was an idealist, some critics say, who was thought to be insane venturing into situations that did not involve him and trying to "right the unrightable wrong." Was I chasing after clouds?

     Perhaps I, too, was an idealist, hoping to defeat those visible or invisible injustices. But when Jesus love touched my life, I believed with new zeal that through Him I could conquer the impossible dream.

     Hubby and I married with our own dreams and stars to reach. However when life hit us with its realities-- a miscarriage despite trying to believe God would keep our baby alive like He had done for others; the death of my mother-in-law due to cancer while we prayed in faith for her healing; and the challenge of raising two determined sons whom we thought we could mold into our values and faith--we realized that the impossible dream was impossible for us humans.

     We could have a willing heart, a promise-filled mind, hands open to follow God's call, but God would have to do the work. While I still hope that some impossible dreams in my life will be conquered, I realize more each day that I cannot be the one to conquer them--only God can. And giving up that control (another post), surrendering my dream to the Lord, and trusting Him to work it out in His way and His time is the greatest challenge. He will help me "bear the unbearable sorrow." He will "fight the unbeatable foe." He will lift my arms when they are "too weary."

     With man, it is impossible. But for the Lord, nothing is impossible. I must trust in this, not my determination or dream.

     What is your impossible dream?

     "Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.'" Mark 10:27 NIV

From My Heart to Yours,

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