Feeding the Hunger for Girlfriend Time


     There's nothing like time with your girlfriends to invigorate your life. Even the head of psychiatry at Stanford University a few years ago told students that the healthiest thing women can do for themselves is to spend time with their girlfriends "nurturing" their relationships. It helps relieve stress and enables us to cope with difficult circumstances in life. That together time actually affects our brains to release serotonin--a neurotransmitter that uplifts our moods.
     This scientifically explains why a yearly get-together with two of my special friends renews my spirit, encourages me in my trials, gives me tidbits of wisdom, and fills my cup to overflowing with pure fun. But without the science explanation, us girls all know how much we need each other. The science is just to explain things to our left-brained husbands.

     Flying out to Cali with my closest friend in Arizona, we made our bi-annual trip back home. You see--all three of us girls are California girls. We long for the crashing waves, flowering hillsides bursting with riotous color, and of course, the unmistakable fragrance of automobile exhaust. 
     Upon arriving, we ate around our friend's elongated, rectangular island in her kitchen and broke open one of the mangled and buried silver boxes in our hearts. It was just the beginning of many such openings. Several occurred around that kitchen island. The kitchen--here all tender conversations begin.
     However, we took our mangled boxes on a hike the next morning around our friend's neighborhood where we beheld spring in all of its glory. Not acclimated to walking as my friends are, they slowed their pace for me. We walked and talked as the camera kept clicking, capturing hillsides of color to carry home to our dry desert. Though the desert does have its own colors in springtime.

     The conversation flowed like a melody humming through our days. Days of laughter and tears. Days of eating on a sun-filtered patio, wandering through quaint shops, relaxing through a new Christian movie--"Home Run", and savoring a spa manicure and pedicure. A royal girlfriend weekend.

     However, on the second evening at our friend's home, the melody stopped playing for me and I could not see the beautiful flowers. I suddenly came down with the nasty stomach flu! So, no trip to the spa for me--just my friends.  I gladly hung back, curled up in the bed and wishing I were home. My friends felt so bad for me and offered many ways to try and help me back to health.
     I needed the Lord and His mighty healing or I would not be able to fly back to Arizona the next day--unless they allowed me to park a bed in the center aisle. After a day and evening of rest, God graciously relieved me of the fever and gave me a touch of His strength. Filled anew with some strength, I wandered with my friends through the antique/country stores, saw a new spray of color spinning like umbrellas as we walked down the street, heard that favorite melody of friendship playing once again, and rested before we headed back to the LA airport.

     Had my brain produced enough serotonin to lift my spirits, inspite of getting ill? Yes, indeed. Time spent with cherished friends is not measured by the hours but by the quality of the relationships. Thoughts of joyful moments shared still linger in my thoughts.
     Do you have those girlfriend times when you feel the weight on your shoulders drift away? We do need each other ladies. Our inner beings reflect that need as we bubble over in each other's presence.

"A true friend is the gift of God and He only who made hearts can unite them." Robert South

"So encourage each other to build each other up, just as you are already doing." 1Thessalonians 5:11 TLB

From My Heart to Yours,

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