Anytime is a Good Time to Give Thanks


      I looked at the clock, and the hour was pushing its way into early evening. It felt like it was too late to post about the gratitudes for this week at Ann Voskamps's Multitude Mondays. Then I realized that anytime is the right time to give thanks to the Lord, whether it fits in with the early morning announcements of many bloggers or it's one quiet voice in the evening recalling His blessings.
     This will be a short post, mostly a list of where I have found the treasures of the Lord hidden recently. It will encourage me to keep looking rather than waiting another week. And I still have to reach 1000 gifts. That's not hard to do when you discipline yourself to write them down. Your eyes open to His wonders all around you.

      "Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare." Psalm 40:5 NIV

    948) The amazing school in which you placed me last year to assist with special needs children
    949) The team of teachers I was privileged to work with. Dedicated, kind, caring, and fun to be with. Thank you for the bonding that occurred amongst us.
    950) The children who blessed me. Eyes filled with wonder, sometimes trepidation at learning a new lesson and then excitement to pick out their favorite sticker. Warmth that fills me still.
    951) Thank you, too, for those who had faith in me and welcomed me back into the profession of education. We had great times for two years. I learned so much from their storehouse of wisdom and then, too, I was blessed with an amazing team of women.
    952) My hubby and older son who put up with grilling, roast chickens from the market, some frozen dinners and even take-out because I just wanted to crash when I got home.
    953) Our younger son who reached out last month to include us for a brief season in his life. I pray there will be more times of hungering for our relationship within him.
    954) For doctors who are intuitive to my care
    955) Thank you for friends who call, even while on vacation
    956) And thank you for the fun of preparing their New York City itinerary. Travel planning could be a side job that I would love.
    957) Thank you for writing agin and being connected with all my blogging friends online. What a joy restored!
    958) For all the people who pray for me, I give you thanks, Lord. Bless them abundantly!
    959) For cute pink toenails that make it feel so much like summer and add a sparkle of femininity to all I do.
    960) Lord, thank you most of all being more aware of Your presence.

From My Heart to Yours,