Joys Abound

     It's been a while since I've listed the many joys the Lord has lovingly spread across my path. To see His hand turn the simplest moment into a joy has filled my heart with delight. When I forget to write down the day's joys, I look back later at that day and am amazed at how many things He has turned into a joy. I still need to train myself to see the joys as they are happening.
     What joy to see the colorful hula hoops twirling around the school playground. Chip romping through the mountains and exploring snow. Fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ. See all the joys below:

     807) Beth Moore Bible Study in James--it's all about Mercy
     808) the joy of watching hundreds of colorful hula hoops spinning round the children
     809) orange blossoms laden the air with the sweet aroma of spring perfume and the promise of fruit

     810) a day free from fear and anxiety
     811) my student grasping the math lesson, earning stickers and high fives
     812) a full night's sleep
     813) a Starbucks' decaf peppermint mocha with a blueberry muffin
     814) rest
     815) phone call from a friend
     816) hubby having a day off for us to spend together
     817) promises of God's love and sustaining power to see me through and handle situations~from His Word in Psalm 34
     818) a drive up to Mt. Lemmon. In just an hour's drive the scenery changes vastly from shrubby desert to tall pines with crisp air and a freedom from life's cares.
     819) Chip romping in snow patches and hiking up trails with hubby.

      820) The Lord blessing me with a desire to take photos again
      821) noticing the beauty of God's creation
      822) truths revealed from God's word
      823) my student's enthusiasm over passing his multiplication of "3's"
      824) warm hugs from my little guy when I gave him a 3D book on sharks
      825) God's surprises in meeting a friend at the library~took the chance to catch up with each other
      826) the honor of attending the wedding of one of my son's friends
      827) the groom's endearment and pleasure at our attendance at his wedding
      828) God's whispered direction to a friend that moved my heart to love, celebrate, and pour out kindness on another
      829) a week of joy in California with sweet friends and family
      830) God's joy in shocking pink flowers, pastel pink lacy beauties, and a trickling stream

     831) hiking where trees are tall and shady, and the color green blankets the ground
     832) decorating with cousins
     833) snow draped mountains, a cool breeze, a place to rest in God's presence
     834) watching the movie, "New in Town," with friends who had not seen this classic tale of Minnesota life in a small town~and laughing once again
     835) safe flights
     836) hubby's arms to welcome me home
     837) youngest enlisting in the Nave~leaving July 18 for boot camp. I know the Lord will do a great work in his life even though I'll miss him
     838) oldest having 2 job interviews this week~we wait and pray again
     839) Isaiah 53: hearing it with fresh ears~ to realize how much God told us about Jesus death 700 years before Christ was born. It makes faith and love soar.
     840) Palm Sunday church picnic with sweet fellowship, and possibly the last cool breeze in Arizona for months
     841) feeding fragrant citrus trees that hold the promise of fruit this fall
     842) Carnations that said, "I love you."
     843) Hubby fixing the drip irrigation, threading the line under the cement driveway~so proud of him. Oldest helped.
     844) a sister-in-Christ who cared and shared God-given wisdom and comfort from personal experiences
     845) The love and forgiveness of God
     For all these gifts of joy, I give you thanks, Lord.

From My Heart to Yours,

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