A Long-Awaited Answered Prayer

     The sky was a patchwork of puffy, white clouds stitched across a blue background. The air whistled a crisp fall breeze as the children danced around the play equipment and fed the curious animals in a traveling petting zoo.

     Adults dressed in purple shirts wearing warm, easy smiles wrapped their guests in love as all proclaimed the goodness of the Lord. After three long years, a sweet girl with brown ringlets had become the daughter of a very special couple. (And where was my camera--I felt I might have been a little intrusive, so use your best imaginations.)
     An adoption that had taken twists and turns finding the couple with their precious little girl for some of the time and then without her as the courts bounced the toddler between homes. There had to be a surrender, a letting go of the one they desired most. A trusting in God and His wisdom above all of thier hearts' longings.
     Yesterday, the blue-eyed, bright child officially became theirs in a community-wide celebration held in a local park. The festive occasion is designed to legally unite children with families as part of the National Adoption Day coming up next weekend.
     Today, those who had prayed that the Lord's hand would direct the best future for this curly-haired child gathered and rejoiced. Basking under the sunny sky, we all hugged and praised God for His blessings, His lessons, and His working in each one's lives.
     To God be the glory for all He has done. As the couple dedicated their little girls today, this song was sung in church.


Giving thanks to the Lord for:

695) Answered prayers and ringlets flowing in the autumn breeze
696) For times when God answers our prayers in ways different from what we desire--"Even if He doesn't do what we will, His will is still right and His heart is still good and the people of God will not waiver," as Ann Voskamp has said in her post highlighted above.
697) For the opportunity to buy cute "pink and glittery" princess clothes for two of God's precious children
698) For sweet fellowship and "rich conversation" with a friend from the past, not seen often enough
699) For patient and calm wisdom given by my husband
700) For safe flight for oldest
701) For youngest and hubby preparing the tent trailer for a mission trip
702) For all the anguishing thoughts that have made me look deeply into the foundation of my faith
703) For God's revelation, painful but enlightening
704) For God's mighty right hand that upholds me and guides me and protects me
705) For learning to trust that God really is in control, and for being exhausted from trying to be in control and do His job
706) For my friends who uphold me in prayer when I have no strength to pray myself
707) For Christmas shopping begun and salespeople who smile and help you pick out just the right present
708) For spicy smelling candles of pumpkin and cranberry that fill our home with the season's scents
709) For encouraging emails
710) For articles published
711) For rain
712) For crisp autumn weather, wearing sweaters and sweatshirts, bundled up and cozy
713) So grateful for the comfort of a roof over our heads, a soft bed in which to sleep, warm meals on the table and a family to love.

May the Lord bless those who need the basic provisions of life and may we be His instruments in meeting those needs.

From My Heart to Yours,
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