Recording His Benefits

     The orange glow of the sun ball slipped behind the ocean, streaming gold and apricot rays across the Western horizon. We curved across Pacific Coast Highway into the restaurant parking lot just in time to see the sun draw a magnificent close to this special day.
     The timing was impeccable as we watched the magic of velvet hues in lavender and sherbet pink layer upon gold and flaming orange. The horizon a reflection of the Master's palette. He had painted the sky for us, a desire of my heart fulfilled.

      Shortly family and friends joined us and filled the banquet room, walled in glass from ceiling to beach. The air was electric with love wrapped in hugs and filled with congratulations as we watched in awe the majesty of the Lord's creation.

Oldest and Youngest against the Malibu coastline
      Could there be any greater earthly benefit that the love of family and friends? They had driven miles through congested Los Angeles freeways on a Friday night to honor our oldest's accomplishments. Such love is humbling and encouraging all at once. And the Lord's blessing came in His gracious gift of a crystal blue view of rhythmic ocean waves rolling in grace upon grace.

     When the evening ended, we had a quiet family day to look forward to on Saturday. Just our young men and us strolling the Newport Beach and Bay. I grabbed my favorite snack, a chocolate-dipped, nut-covered frozen banana on a stick while we walked.
     The sun warmed our backs and broke the Farmers' Almanac predictions of a cold and cloudy weekend. Another benefit from the hand of the Lord. Just days earlier, the area had been drenched by rain--a precious gift except for when one is celebrating, longing to see the ocean contrasting the desert from which they came.

     We rented a motor boat to tootle around the bay at 5 miles per hour. The guys were not thrilled at first but the faster boats that could speed across ocean waves were not available until late in the day. This mother was grateful as the guys settled in at the wheel and discovered a cool breeze against their faces coupled with the sight of an armada of sailing vessels and a deep sea submersible could be almost as attractive as zipping across the waves.

Hubby who graciously provides our relaxation at the hand of the Lord

Views throughout the bay

      The day closed with foot-splashing in the high-tide waves crashing against the shore. The sun sparkled diamonds in the sand and a sandpiper played his own game of racing from the curling waves.

Sun diamonds on the sand

      Blessing after blessing to record in my memory bank providing food for my soul. Benefits to remember when the days are spiritually cold and I cannot feel His sun on my back. Benefits to dwell on when Life's trials steal away the daily celebrations that crescendo into a mighty and glorious splash. A splash and celebration that has built up over time. The times and moments of small celebrations and little benefits noticed.

Splashed to the knees in the Newport waves

     "Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
     "Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits." Pslam 103:1,2 NIV

From My Heart to Yours,
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