Celebrating Life~One Shining Moment

     The bumper sticker tacked up on the laundry room bulletin board draws your eye whenever you exit the house: "Life~What a Beautiful Choice." It's a reminder to all of us who live here that this gift of life which we have been given is a treasure. A treasure we must not take lightly. To each of us, it means something different, and it takes on unique meanings for whatever stage of life in which we find ourselves.
      I cannot even remember where I found the bumper sticker but it grabbed my heart fiercely the moment I saw it. "What an excellent way to remind our two adopted sons daily how precious their lives are to us," I thought, "and to the women who chose to give them life."
     A week ago we were given a rare opportunity to witness how that "beautiful choice" can result in one of life's shining moments. The older of our two sons graduated from college--at 29 years of age. Black robe rustling, red tassle swaying, our oldest strode to the podium and proudly grasped his degree in Computer Information Technology. It was a long-awaited walk.

     Tears rolling, breath quivering, camera clicking, the moment captured in heart and shared with those who had walked the path with us. With "Pomp and Circumstance" counting musical beats for victorious feet, memories clicked with each step. The walk down the aisle short compared to the days and moments between high school and now. Life not always seeming so "beautiful." And for those steps, God-given friends and family who prayed us through that long path.

     As I prepared for this time to honor our son, my mind swirled with plans. The cleaning, the scrubbing, the guest list, the recipes for a feast, I walked into our cool and quiet Hallmark store to order invitations. There was the reminder again. "Life's a Celebration." The words at first seem like an intentional heart tugger to pull from your wallet. But as they drifted into my heart I realized that every moment in life is a celebration. Just to live is a reason to rejoice.

     There may be few shining moments in one's life, but there are many daily moments to celebrate.The first successful tying of a shoe; the unwanted animal toted home; mini clay hand prints tied with a blue ribbon; an ice cream shared; cookies baked together; their first basketball game; a spoken, "I love you, Mom."
     "Life~What a Beautiful Choice" for any moment. A life saved; a life given; a life chosen; a life lived in pain, not ended; a life surrendered to the Giver of all Life.

      "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:13 NIV
From My Heart to Yours,
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