Tightening the Belt

      Diet shock has set in. I opened my box chock full of diet goodies. Blueberry muffins, a chocolate-mint cookie, chocolate peanut butter granola bars, mini cereal bags, prepackaged beef patties (just add water?).  It almost looked palatable until our oldest pointed out--even the dog was not sniffing the box of goodies. A tell-tale sign of diet doldrums to come.
     I guess I won't be posting any delightful recipes for a while. Unless they're pictures from the past--those artistic, gourmet desserts and dinners from summer's cruise.
     Fortunately, I only purchased 1 month of food. Then I'll switch to something tastier. Like Weight Watchers.
     Enjoy your homemade casseroles and tasty desserts. Be back soon.

From My Heart to Yours,

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