Playing in the Street

          Standing on the side of the road in the golf cart path, I noticed a familiar car coming toward me. Curious, I watched the approaching vehicle until I recognized its owner. Our friend slowed down and poking his head out the open window, he jokingly asked me what I was doing in the street.
     Camera in hand, I teased back, "I'm playing in the street!"
     Carefree laughter spilled out from within me.
     "You'd better be careful, there," he scolded me with a chuckle.
     "And I'd better be home by dark?" I retorted.
     We laughed and then talked about the sunset that I was capturing on my camera.

     Later, I realized I was playing. Stealing time from the day to watch that brilliant ball in the sky descend slowly. Snapping, snapping, snapping as the hot orange transformed into pastel pinks and celestial blue. Just me and the gnats hovering around the grassy blades on the course. They also seemed to enjoy my legs and arms.
     With no one in sight, I relaxed, moving comfortably on the course and around the path to catch the sun at different angles, different distances. I enjoyed the freedom to experiment without the pressure of time niggling at the back of my mind.

     As I watched this dramatic moment, I could picture other moments when I lingered on a sandy beach taking in a similar painting across the canvas of sky. The peacefulness of sitting still for no logical reason, just for the romantic and artistic purpose of being captivated by the setting sun. The phases of light transforming as the sun slips gently through clouds or a crystal clear sky. Rays of light form a crown. Then the sun shifts and the atmosphere wraps it in a halo. It dips behind a cloud layer forming golden streaks across the western horizon.

     All at once breathtaking and serene. What wonder! What awe! What glory to God, the master designer of day and night, sunrises and sunsets.
     Just He and I out there passing time as I marvel at His creation. What luxury. Priceless!

     Thanking the Lord this week for:
     644) August skies painted with colors from the Master Artist's palette
     645) Streets decorated in mounds of purple profusion
     646) A Sunday filled with friends and celebrations
     647) The way God orders my time when I give Him my first fruits in this area
     648) New shirts and tie for oldest as he prepares for his last week of school, presentations, and interviews
     649) Fresh Blue Crabs flown in from the East Coast for my supervisor's birthday. The next best thing to being there and eating them with the sound of crashing waves under your feet resting on a dock.
     650) Hubby driving for the first time since surgery
     651) Moving my laptop back into my cozy corner of the upstairs loft. Desk and reference books at my fingertips.
     652) A hug from one special student as I had to leave the room to help someone else.
     653) My student passing his math timed test!
     654) The whispers of excitement from a student's new heart as she told me that she had been baptized this week.
     655) Youngest calling to say he's coming over on Monday.
     656) Youngest returning to college this fall--Answered prayer!
     657) Weight lost
     658) Clean shower

     "O Lord, God of Israel, enthroned between the cherubim, you alone are God over all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth." 2Kings 19:15

From My Heart to Yours,

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