The High One

Denali, "the High One," capped in glacial white. Known today as Mt. McKinley.

     "You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands." Isaiah 55:12 NIV

     It was our 35th anniversary and the mountains were replete with forest green pines and shimmering aspens. Our hearts warmed with joy and memories. As we stood on the edge of Denali National Park in Alaska, our cabin-like hotel room overlooking the rushing Nenana River, flowing glacier silt yet inspiring. My heart raced backwards in time to camping days in Sequoia National Park, California when our guys were young. The brisk air blew away the cobwebs of time and there I stood amidst the giant redwoods, laughter echoing from voices around me, energy surging through my legs as we hiked the forested trails.

     In moments, tears blurred my vision of the majestic Denali forest before me and age whispered through the trees that time had eroded my ability to hike as in my younger years. My poor husband was mystified by my reaction and stumped as to how he could help me. Tears of joy were understandable to Hubby, considering the beauty surrounding us that echoed praises of God's glorious creation. Sadness was incomprehensible.
     We arrived in Denali after 7 glorious days with friends aboard a cruise ship, four breathtaking shore excursions, several early morning risings, and two very tired bodies. Emotions hovered on the surface like several glacial icebergs afloat in Alaska's bays.

McKinley Chalet Resort
Redwood baskets draped in Alaskan wildflowers

     In this pristine natural wonder, I flipped open my modern cell phone and quickly connected with our sons, describing memories and wonders I wished to share with them. In God's goodness, homesickness was abated, and I could once again see how he had marked our journey with joy and led us out in peace. His mountains sung forth the praise of their Creator while the trees embraced us with His love.
     We prepared for our next morning's early departure into the Tundra Wilderness where we would see Denali--the native name which means, "the High One." Our bus driver had called it "the Great One," known more commonly as Mt. McKinley. Doesn't it move your spirit to know that the true High One, the only Great One dwells above the precipice of the mountain, Denali, which He created?

Touring the Tundra Wilderness

     Thank you to my guest posters, Sharon@Sharon Sharing God and Jennifer@Jennifer A.Janes, who graciously presented their nuggets of wisdom within these written walls while Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary.
     Thank you, too, to all of you who left comments on their posts and other posts that I had dated to publish during the time I was gone. I'm sorry I was unable to answer your comments as internet on the cruise ship is exorbitant. However, I plan to visit you all now that I am back.
     It is wonderful to be home after seeing so many of God's glorious creations in the "Last Frontier."

     Continue the journey through Denali this week as I feature more of God's glory in His Tundra creation.

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