Fortune Cookie Tells The Truth

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          We ordered Chinese take-out food tonight as our week has been jam packed with activities. With family style, you get egg roll--and crab puffs. The fried nuggets of pork were dripping with sweet and sour sauce, while the cashew chicken was filled with slices of white breast meat and lots of veggies. Hubby's beef and broccoli was smothered in a savory brown sauce with fresh flowerets and oldest dined on curried shrimp. Of course, all the bowls circled around the table with the conversation.
     At the end of the meal, the Chinese fortune cookies made their appearance and I casually opened mine. I don't even remember what my blue ink stamped slip of paper said, but I have memorized Hubby's:
     "If you can't make it through the bad days, you will never make it to the good ones."
     I wondered if he got the wrong cookie. Mind you, I do not put a lot of stock in these cranked out sayings nor do I live my life hoping that the dream one will come true. You know, the one that says "Your life is about to change in a dramatic way. Good fortune and prosperity from the lottery will fall in your lap."
     However, tonight's little cookie contained wisdom from God's holy word--for me.
     "Blessed is the man who persevers under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." James 1:12 NIV

     So whether I make it through the bad time here and persevere to see good days afterwards in this life or the next, there is still a reward waiting for me.

     Next week there will be guest posts by two authors, Sharon from "Sharon Sharing God," and Jennifer from "JenniferAJanes". Sharon has written a piece on the "Peace of God" that will publish here on Monday, and Jennifer has written on "Being Intentional" which will post here next Wednesday. Please make them feel welcome here.

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