Giving Thanks for the Abundant Blessings from His Hand

Mother's Day Brunch by the Guys

     My heart is full today as I watch my guys outside shooting baskets. What could make a mother's heart more grateful than to see her family together, happy, playing around, glad to be there. My heart swelled with joy as all my men goofed around (even Chip, the wonder dog played ball). This was celebration. For this my heart longed. For this my heart rejoiced.

     Temperate breezes whispered through wind chimes while we sat on patio and leisurely enjoyed the brunch that Oldest and Hubby had made. Oldest chopping red pepper, scallions, broccoli, whipped up a delectable oven omelet while Hubby fried bacon. Youngest was working hard serving others at the local resort but came home in time for the game and dinner.

Wind chimes swing in gentle breezes

     We relaxed the afternoon away. Cares floating off on warm breezes. Easy conversation. Easy silence. The drone of basketball on TV gave way to a movie for Mom. Time for a book and time to talk with friends online.
     As I recount the day's treasures, I give thanks for the Lord's abundant blessings both today and all week long:

     572) Brunch made by my guys; a luxury
     573) "Sunrise Oven Omelet," Marble Pudding Cake, bacon--yum! (check back on Friday for recipe)
     574) A gentle breeze tickling the wind chimes
     575) Relaxing on the patio with family
     576) My guys mixing it up on the home basketball court (a slab of cement)
     577) Worship this morning in church~songs that touched my heart strings
     578) The Mother's Day presentation at church--the little kids and their cute, sweet, and funny thoughts about their Moms--loved it
     579) Mocha Coconut Frapp from Starbucks--right after church
     580) Mother's Day Greetings from friends--touched my heart
     581) Friends visiting and laughing on a laid-back Saturday afternoon
     582) The ceiling fan whirling cool breezes above my head

     583) This week at school with Cinco de Mayo celebrations and Teacher's Appreciation week
     584) Students dancing to the "Mexican Hat Dance," decked out in sombreros

     585) Nachos, soda, sticky fingers, lopsided smiles, polite "thank-yous"
     586) Serving sodas, cups, ice to the cherub faces

     587) A Cinco de Mayo treat--a Chipotle lunch from our supervisor at work--yum
     588) Finding great phonics worksheets and flashcards online for my student
     589) Oldest discovering a mother Quail nesting in our front porch flower pot--yesterday, we counted 13 eggs!
     590) A movie at home with Hubby
     591) White roses from Hubby

     For all these blessings and more, I give You thanks, dear Lord.

Youngest's roses, petals fall, needed water

     "I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever. I will praise you forever for what you have done; in your name I will hope, for your name is good. I will praise you in the presence of your saints." Psalm 52:9 NIV

     What has God done for you, saints, that causes your heart to sing His praises?

From My Heart to Yours,

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