Drinking from the River of Delights

     Sliding across the soft leather back seat of our friends car, my emotions bounced between guilt and giddy. I was driving away from our home with chores still hanging on my "to do list" and no dinner prepared for my young guys. Not that they can't find something in the frig to cook. It's just the "Mom Guilt" nagging my mind.
     Yet, the spontaneous pleasure of an evening with hubby and our friends, escaping from responsibilities like a carefree young girl, caused giddy anticipation to bubble up within me. A double date. Memories stirred from high school and Bob's Big Boy Drive-In after a Friday-night football game.
     Youth restored, my spontaneous appetite fed, and hangin' with the guy of my dreams. It definitely feels like springtime.
     The chatter started the minute the car door closed, continuing non-stop as we wound our way through unfamiliar side streets to the other side of town. The interesting route gave us more time to visit until the movie started. Can you imagine? Our hubbies were taking us to see "Jane Eyre."
     When I pulled back the covers this morning and clomped downstairs for breakfast, still half asleep, little did I know what a special gift the Lord had for us today. Even when we visited with our friends after church and they invited us on a double date, I clung to my "to do list" as the right plan for the day. It wasn't until I mentioned the idea to hubby that the gift began to be unwrapped.
     The Lord is full of surprises. He delights in dropping unexpected joys into our days. He speaks love to us through friendships and sacred shared moments. He is the giver of every good gift.
     And to think I almost refused His gift, without knowing it, for my plan which I considered to be better--more productive. I'm glad hubby was in tune with the Spirit!
     To me, this was another example of how we need to be flexible with our plans. Ready to surrender them to the special gift or work the Lord may have for us that day. It was a deeper working of the concept that Cynthia Heald taught about not waiting for a special occasion. It is now.
     Let's hold our plans out to the Lord with open hands. Hands ready to exchange what we hold for His indescribable "river of delights." (Psalm 36:8}

     "How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights." Psalm 36: 7, 8 NIV

    Giving thanks this week to the Lord
    523)  for the gift of friends
     524)  for double dating and the fun of frolicking like youngsters
     525)  for girl talk, sparkle in the eyes, smiles wide with friendship and laughter
     526)  for the Lord's protection over our sons
     527)  for new books delivered; the excitement of opening up another story, the journey, the feel of fresh pages
     528)  for an abundance of shiny, green leaves on the lemon tree
     529)  for our friend and gardener trimming up the trees and bushes, the yard prepared to blossom spring
     530)  for crescent roll mini dogs and a basketball snack dinner while watching the final four
     531)  for the long-awaited purchase of a new mattress--yeah to restful sleep
     532)  for being touched more by the love of women in our church community

     What gifts are you drinking of this week from the Lord's river of delights?

From My Heart to Yours,

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