The Richness of His Name

      The jet taxied to the runway as we prepared for takeoff. Over the roaring engines, the smoothly rolling wheels down the runway and the quick ascent into the crisp celestial blue peaked my emotions more loudly. As the plane banked to the south, I was awed by the velvety sapphire ocean below me. A frothy ribbon of white foam hugged the coastline as the pilot eased the plane round the Palos Verdes Peninsula. My eyes were riveted on the scene, my heart overflowing with praise for the Lord's magnificent creation as we soared with ease through the sky.

Snow capped peaks in Arizona

     The pilot banked again, tipping the left wing up slightly, revealing the snow-capped valley mountains. "From the mountains to the sea," a famous newscaster's opening line rung in my ears. I had lived in Southern California for more than 40 years enjoying the wonders of God's creation from the towering Sierra Nevadas to the white-capped ocean coastline.Thundering waterfalls and jagged granite cliffs mix with delicately cascading water flowing over the mountain's edge like a bride's veil and the valley meadow profuse with a riot of spring wildflowers. Breathtaking beauty.

     Countless times I have experienced the airborne feeling in a jet as it rises over the Los Angeles airport, but rarely have I witnessed the crystal clear beauty present this day or sensed the overwhelming worship rising within my heart. My spirit within me sang, "Oh Lord, Oh Lord--How majestic is Your Name in all the earth."

     The Lord. The Creator. The Beautiful. The Bright morning star. The Brightness of the glory of God. The All-powerful. The Excellent. God of glory. The Fragrance.The Healer. The Helper. Living Water, unfailing spring. Giver of every good gift. The Protector. The Satisfaction. The Marvelous.

     Just a few of the Lord's glorious names which describe His phenomenal characteristics. A God we can trust and find both beauty and comfort in His loving arms.

     To Him, the Lord of Lord, I give thanks this week:

     461) for the beauty of the ocean and the snow capped mountains
     462) for peace and safety in flying
     463) for smooth takeoffs and landings filled with crystal clear days and twinkling lights at night
     464) for soft snowflakes falling gently on my head in California--it was just minutes but exciting

     465) for snow that carpeted our yard the morning before I arrived home
     466) for hubby taking tons of snow pictures, knowing I would want some for my blog
     467) for youngest calling me an affection "Mi Madre" and giving me a kiss on the cheek when he came
             in from work and realized I had arrived home
     468) for oldest welcoming me home
     469) for three days in California with my friend, sharing, caring, and building each other up in the Lord
     470) for hubby's calls while I was away
     471) for days off from school for Rodeo break
     472) for talking with our guys around the dinner table--TV off
     473) for rain in California

     474) for moisture in my skin while in my home state
     475) for safety while driving the LA freeways
     476) for quiet times with the Lord
     477) for saving money on a purchase
     478) for attending a Pro Life Dinner in LA with my friend; hearing through the speaker's comments how
             God works redemption in the lives of those we may feel are our greatest opponent
     479) for a good fiction book to read
     480) for Anne Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts"--it arrived!
     481) for obtaining my birth certificate; drinking in the intricacies of my delivery and birth--Mom's health,
             her labor, my health, holding the beginnings of my life in my hands
     482) for the birth of my friend's granddaughter this weekend

     Oh! Praise You, O Lord, for all that You have done!

     "He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord,
     in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God.
     And they will live securely, for then his greatness
     will reach to the ends of the earth,
     And he will be their peace." Micah 5:4 NIV

     What makes your heart sing this week?

From My Heart to Yours,

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