The Rest That Refreshes

          Feet tucked under me, I curl into a cozy position on the sofa with book in lap. At last, I am relaxed--resting. The house is quiet and the last rays of day slant warmly across the family room carpeting. Lost in the pages of a Christian novel, the week's cares melt away.
     Youngest falls into the recliner across the room and a gentle conversation emerges. The words flow between us as if time is taking a breather, nothing measured against a speeding clock. This, too, is calming rest.
     I find rest in many places and ways:
     Unfortunately, these moments of rest are rare. Typically, I chose the craziness that drives me and most of our world in a non-stop race to see whose "To Do List" is heaped the highest. Squeeze an errand in after work--miss the last rays of day or time to curl up on the sofa with a book. Book my evenings with good, even godly events--loose precious moments of conversation with my guys or time to snuggle with hubby.
     Plunk on the computer way past a reasonable bed time, robbing my body of sleep and health. Listening to the whispers that sound like "light"--I need to write this blog post because.........
     In my hectic pace to achieve some precious prize in this life, I miss out on the most important prize of all--time with the One who loves me most. Time to rest at His feet, even if I do not hear Him whisper. My spirit will still drink in the glories of His presence and be refreshed, strengthened, and prepared for the day's battle. To walk gently through His Word gives rest to my heart, mind, and soul.
     To achieve true rest, priorities must change. Order must come. An appointed time with my Lord and Savior must not be compromised. Then I will have walked the paths of Christ followers before me and found
that in Him alone will I find the rest I seek even when my world is spinning out of control.

     "My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him." Psalm 62:1 NIV

     "Where are you finding rest?"

From My Heart to Yours,

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Sundays spent with HIM

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