A Taste of Love

     Last night, we celebrated our Valentine's Day event with a midwestern style roast, Italian wedge-shaped potatoes baked in the oven and a homemade chocolate cake. Well the cake was from a mix but the frosting was more than homemade. It took two recipes to find the right consistency for the semi-sweet chocolate frosting.
     While I planned on posting the picture of the cake decorated with candy hearts and hugged by Valentine Hershey kisses, I forgot and began serving the cake. Smooth, light, fluffiness swirled with creamy rich chocolate tantalized our taste buds. Washed down with cold milk, refreshing conversation among friends and family, and a good movie, the evening was complete. Until I went to wrap the leftover cake and realized I had forgotten to take the picture.
     I quickly grabbed my camera, stood on a kitchen chair, and focused downward (after cleaning up some extra chocolate crumbs). It was then that the fullness of the post came to me.
     In order to know the goodness of the Lord, we have to taste it. And knowing the heavenly smoothness, the soft, creamy texture of His love, then we serve it up to others. His love, kindness, and goodness are meant to be shared--not just admired. When we have experienced His goodness, we are so delighted with the experience and taste, we want to lavish it upon others--to pass it on.
     Today, as you dive into the chocolate, remember the Lord's goodness, and share not only the chocolate but a good Word with a friend. Allow them to taste the goodness of the Lord, not just long for it.

     Thank you, Lord, for blessings this week that filled my cup to overflowing:

     441) for a visiting friend from Minnesota who filled our home with warmth and laughter
     442) for restoration
     443) for sisters in the Lord, who pray for me through the night til my pain is relieved and joy is restored
     444) for friends of the heart who are never too far away to share your burdens
     445) for the opportunity to minister to another in need
     446) for school fundraisers at the best deli in town
     447) for Reuben sandwiches piled high with pastrami and free soft serve ice cream while we waited
             for our order
     448) for kids giving hugs and calling my name at the deli
     449) for yummy dinners all week
     450) for games at night, movies to relax by, fun stories to tell because of the joy of visiting friends

     "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusts in him." Psalm 34:8 American King James Version

     What joys topped your week?

From My Heart to Yours,

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