All Creation Sings His Praise

Praise the Lord, my soul
Praise the Lord, my soul
All that is within me,
The deepest of my being
Praise the Lord, my soul
Everything that breathes, 
All that eyes can see,
Giving testimony to His greatness only,
Bless the Lord, the Maker of all,
Only He is worthy!
With the angels we must fall to our knees.
Even the rocks cry out His name, 
All creation sings His praise!

Words and Music by
Dick and Melodie Tunney
(c) 1993

     A beautiful song of praise to the Lord, the maker of everything. All things give Him praise in their existing.
The song was sung by the Celebrant Singers (wish I could upload it for you to hear).

     Giving thanks to the Lord for His blessings from this week:

     451) for time to have relaxing talk with our guys--true joy
     452) for my second-grade student making progress in reading
     453) for how the Lord reveals a nugget of truth during our women's time of sharing--heart truth
     454) for watching my second grader spin a hula hoop round his body with glee
     455) for laundry done and dishes washed; for tasty food on the table and family gathered round
     456) for our second grade class winning the science project fair
     457) for rocky road ice cream
     458) organizing my desk and decorating with a hot pink, ribbon glued pen and pencil holder--totally
     459) for hearts of friends to share, and love, and pray
     460) for meeting with another Christian writer--here in my own town. Making plans to possibly form
             a group of Christian writers to encourage and guide each other. Fun times with a purpose.

     May you see His blessings each moment of each day in your life this week.

From My Heart to Yours,

Joining the Gratitude Community at Ann Voskamp's Multitude Monday.

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