"Lord Reign in Me"

Sunrise over California on a chilly winter morning--Christmas 2010

     Standing with arms raised in praise to the Lord, the music washed over me in church this morning. Our worship team called it a song of dedication. 
     My heart soared with the lyrics.  The song was not new to me. Though it had been a while since I'd heard it.
     Like fresh dew falling from the heavens, the words brought clarity to my mind. What a glorious way to usher in the New Year. 
     Yes, Lord, let this be the year when You reign in me. In every part of me. In every corner of my heart. In every thought. In every word I speak. In everything I do. Let it all be for You.
     May these lyrics bless you as they did me. Enjoy the music through the video at the end.
     May the Lord reign in your New Year.

Lord Reign in Me

Over all the earth
You reign on high
Every mountain stream
Every sunset sky
But my one request
Lord my only aim
Is that you reign in me again
Lord reign in me
Reign in your power
Over all my dreams
In my darkest hour
You are the Lord of all I am
So won't you reign in me again
Over every thought
Over every word
May my life reflect
The beauty of my Lord
You mean more to me
Than any earthly thing
So won't you reign in me again

Song written and sung by Brenton Brown, worship leader of the Cherwell Vineyard in Oxford. 
Copyright © 1998 Vineyard Songs (UK/Eire). All rights reserved. International copyright secured.

From My Heart to Yours,
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