A Week of Thanksgivings

Trees turn Autumn shades~located in front of our church
      The wind was blowing, a chill in the air. Autumn sung the wisps of her crisp song. Clouds billowed across the sky while yellow leaves quivered, tree rooted in a blanket of green. For sure the time to give Thanks is near.
     I churned my grocery cart through the aisles. Celery, lettuce, parsley, and onion, bagged, tied, and tossed in the cart. Zipped past the fruit, picked up the bread, instant puddings, Cool Whip, and real whipped cream.

Cream cheese, colby cheese, sharp cheddar and Kaukauna wedged in the child seat with the crackers for a wall. Hope everyone likes cheese on Thanksgiving Day. The dairy compartment was next. Eggs, butter, and milk for the stuffing, casseroles, pies, potatoes, and more.

     My pumpkin latte nestled in the cart's drink holder caught my eye. Two sips and I was refreshed to march on. One bag of paper towels, extra thick and thirsty for holiday messes, formed the foundation of my rapidly mounting cart. Thank goodness I had already shopped  for the main ingredients. No room in this cart for turkey and boxes of stuffing or cranberry sauce.

     My cart heaped high, I paused. The blessings overflowing, for these I give Thanks.
     Still there are empty shelves somewhere, no food abounds. Perhaps, I'll need another cart to stave off a shivering Autumn chill. Blessings overflow.

     To begin this week of Thanksgiving, I praise you Lord
     333) for oldest always asking those sweet words as I walk through the door: "How was your day?"
     334) for hubby installing a new garage door opener so that oldest doesn't have to hold the door open when I go to work in the morning~or I don't have to park my car outside
     335) for a beautiful bouquet of red roses from hubby
     336) for two afternoons of extra training in the special ed TA position
     337) for remembrances from friends that warmed my heart
     338) for relaxing Friday nights--just hubby and me curled up and watching some show on TV while munching on popcorn
     339) for my friend who saw my blog post about Popcornopolis and sent me SIX different flavors--a true delight from a faithful friend
     340) for my sweet cousin who saw my post on popcorn and sent WILD recipes for oldest to make.
     341) for friends who ask for prayer
     342) for beef stew from my new crock pot and steamy mashed potatoes--yum
     343) for opportunities to reach out to those in need in the community around us and across the globe.
     344) for crisp Autumn weather, billowy clouds, trees that turn colors, and the peace of God's creation
     345) for snuggly sweats on cold days
     346) for our faithful dog, who looks to our hand for food, who waits for us to go to bed, who greets us at the door, who lies at our feet in unconditional love
     347) for my second-grade student's smile
     348) for our small women's group meeting again
     349) for our pastor's teaching on how to change the course of abuse in marriage
     350) for pumpkin lattes

     "I will praise god's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. This will please the Lord more than an ox, more than a bull with its horns and hoofs.  The poor will see and be glad..." Psalm 69:30-32a NIV

     What praises are you singing today?

From My Heart to Yours,

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