Swirl Those Troubles Down the Drain--Before Thanksgiving

     A once-famous commercial jingle promised that "Away go troubles down the drain." with Rotor Rooter.
     That must be the motto I live by whenever a major holiday is approaching. You can find me scrubbing and cleaning our home.  Trying to make up for all the time I missed.  Washing the troubles down the drain. Hoping the house will sparkle and shine, making everyone comfortable (especially me).
     While this photo may be atypical for Thanksgiving, you now see how it portrays part of Thanksgiving for me. At least the grimy part.  The fun moments are yet to come!
      Yesterday, while I was shaking the cleanser liberally into the bathroom sinks, bleaching and grinding round and round, a thought came to me.. "If only I did something each day, the job would not be so big when a major event was happening," the words pricked at my mind.
     Without missing a beat, the next thought raced in on its heels. "It's just like spending quiet time with the Lord."
     When we talk each day, the conversation is natural and flowing. I hear His voice. I come to know His presence. But when the time between our meetings is long, the quiet time is difficult. A lot of dirt needs to be ground away before I can hear Him clearly again. Before the relationship sparkles and shines once more.
     Convicted. Right there in the bubbling and bleaching! But He came graciously. With a nudge and a gentle invitation.(I have no idea why these thoughts have an inclination for coming while I'm cleaning.)
     How many reminders does it take? How many necessary chores, work, phone calls, dinners, writings, time with friends will I put before my time with the Lord of my life, the Number One Friend in my life?
     Contemplating this and His many blessings~

     "You are my portion, O Lord, I have promised to obey your words. I have sought your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to your promise." Psalm 119:57&58 NIV

     What will my heart seek this Thanksgiving and every day forward?

     Just a quick note to say~if stocking shelves and feeding the hungry is still on your Thanksgiving or holiday list, please call your local Community Food Bank, Gospel Rescue Mission, or Salvation Army. Salvation Army still needs turkeys, canned goods, pies, Cool Whip, coffee, sugar, and more. May your blessings overflow.
     Each of you has blessed my life with joy and encouragement. For you I give thanks.

From My Heart to Yours,

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