Leaning on the Rock--A Contingency Plan

     Life can batter us at times. Our plans and hopes crumble before our eyes.  People disappoint us. Loved ones get sick. The job we've relied on for 20 years is yanked out from under us. Our savings is depleted and we wonder where the next dime will come from. 
     But in the midst of our terrible circumstances, there is One who has a plan. We think it's a back-up plan but it's really the original plan He had all along for us. His plans never fail.
     When my plans fall apart, when my heart is breaking, I've found that I can lean on my Solid Rock. In Him I can take refuge. And in His arms, He holds me close until the storm passes.

     These lyrics written by Jon Stemkoski, who founded the Celebrant Singers, resonate with the peace and stability we can find in the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ.

 He Will Be Strong

     When all your dreams are shattered 
And the load is hard to bear,
in the midst of desperation, 
You find it hard to breathe a prayer, 
That's the time to wait and know 
Your Father is aware, 
His love for you is greater than 
The power of your pain. 

And in your weakness, 
He will be strong, 
In your brokenness, 
He 'll hold you in His arms, 
When your sorrows overwhelm you, 
And you have an aching heart, 
In your times of greatest weakness, 
He will be strong.   

The Father's love for you is love  eternal.  
His grace is greater than your every need. 
And even in your very darkest hour, 
He'll pick you up and hold you close,
And wipe away your tears 
All your tears!

May you find today that Jesus, the Solid Rock, is not only your contingency plan. He is your only plan--a plan that will not fail.

Giving thanks today for the Lord being my Solid Rock through every facet of life:
     321) for peace restored
     322) for family celebrations
     323) for family gathered around the dinner table
     324) for a hubby who finds special ways to show his love
     325) for chilly weather at last
     326) for the warmth and glow of our fireplace
     327) for cozy throws to wrap in like snow bunnies
     328) for Italian restaurants that serve traditional dishes
     329) for soft, mellow music at the restaurant
     330) for our sons enjoying the restaurant as much as we did. Smiling. Laughing. Catching the football game on TV across the room.
    331) for Ganache Chocolate Cake--divine
    332) for Sunday lunch with friends; a sweet time of fellowship and laughter

     What has your heart giving thanks today or looking at Jesus for your Solid Rock?

     "From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint: lead me to the rock that is higher than I." Psalm 61:2 NIV

From My Heart to Yours,

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