Delectable, Divine Ganache Chocolate Cake


     My first taste of this heavenly treat was about a week before my birthday.  One of the teachers at school brought a chocolate cake to celebrate a friend's birthday. The cake looked appealing with the chocolate fans on top and the crumbly fresh cake under the frosting. Once the velvety chocolate slid across my taste buds, though,  appeal changed to tantalizing delight.  My flavor senses tingled as every rich morsel inched its way over my taste buds.  
     It was then that I knew I wanted this cake for my birthday celebration!
     The secret of Ganache is in the chocolate and the cream.  Rich Beligian, Swiss, or French chocolate chopped in chunks and whisked with warm cream are poured over your favorite flavor cake (chocolate in my case). Then the cake is refrigerated overnight so that the chocolate forms a shell (according to our baker).  Because of the chilling and prep, the bakery requires a two-day notice for this divine confection.
     The rest is simple. Slice, savor, and delight the palette. As my oldest said--"Good call on the frosting, Mom."
     For the adventurous among you, check out the Ganache cake and frosting recipes listed through Google.

From My Heart to Yours,

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