Colors Roll Across an Autumn Sky

 Arizona Fall sunset last night as seen through our Palo Verde tree
     The last vestiges of summer's searing heat flare across our autumn sky. Exhausted, depleted, they leave their mark in colorful hues. A whispered good-bye, as the sky's cool breath pushes the strands into summer's compartment, awaiting next year's return.
     The colors of autumn mornings sparkle with children dressed in red sweatshirts, brown sweaters, and long pants to greet their morning yellow bus. The chill will deepen, night times wrapped in warm blankets with wisps of swirling smoke rising from cozy chimneys.
     One season paints the next as the rhythm of time gently rolls into predictable patters. Each season with its own joys and colors.
     And the Good Lord paints them all.

     Giving thanks for this week's blessings:
     311) Job interviews for oldest son
     312) Oldest son learning HTML computer language~he's a great help to me on the blog
     313) Guest posting at (in)courage this Wednesday~so excited
     314) A day off work this week to sleep in, get a haircut and have pumpkin lattes with a special friend
     315) Christian friends to support and pray for me
     316) Autumn sunset painting the evening sky
     317) for quiet time with the Lord
     318) for forgiveness
     319) for our country's election process rooted in freedom and the right for everyone to vote
     320) for learning how to Braille spelling cards for my second grader~a new and fun experience

"And God said, 'Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as sings to mark seasons and days and years," Genesis 1:14 NIV

How will you mark this season with the Lord?

From My Heart to Yours,

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