Watch Your Step

Springs of Living Water will flow from those who believe in Him--Butchart Gardens, Canada
     I have fallen a couple of times lately and this has made me more careful.  My steps, especially at night, are strategically placed, I am aware of the pavement beneath my feet, and I check out my surroundings.  When I went sailing off a 6" drop off, landing a perfect face plant in the cement, I laid there momentarily.  Mentally I was checking out my body parts, beginning with my head.
     I was rattled but what hurt the most was my pride.  I had met the cement face down in the dark immediately following a theatrical play which we had attended with friends.  As they had left the dance theatre heading in a different direction, I hoped that no one saw me.
     The next time the earth pulled me to itself was also at night.  In order to avoid desert insects, I went around a car parked on a slated driveway.  Stepping with my left foot, I was off balance, and I again did a two-step with the ground--back down first this time. It was not a pleasant experience as my head jerked forward, my teeth rattled, my left leg scrapped against the ground~and this time, I wondered if I had broken something.
     These experiences have made me so cautious, that yesterday while cleaning our bathroom blinds, I carefully placed my feet along the wide swath of marble bordering the tub.  And every time I moved, I looked down to determine how much space I had.
     Now, I am extremely cautious about not falling.  But what about falling spiritually, I thought.  Am I as cautious about not falling into sin?  Do I carefully examine my spiritual surroundings, assess the temptation that is being presented and turn away so that I will not fall into sin?  Repeatedly, I fall into the same sin.  How long before I learn to avoid that trap of falling.
     Because the spiritual fall may not cause as much hurt as the spiritual one, we sometimes abuse God's grace and mercy by sliding into the same sin frequently.  I thought, while I was perched on my bathtub ledge that I needed to be as careful with my spiritual life as I am with my physical life.  God is merciful and gracious to forgive us of our sins but repetitious sin smacks of a lack of desire to please God or be truly repentant.
     Each time I fall into sin, I am separating myself from the one who can keep me standing.  Teetering on the edge, I lose my balance and slip in ceasing to be the fountain of Christ's life to others.  My balancing act for my spiritual life needs to be as conscious as the one for my physical life.

     "Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him." John 7:38 NIV

     To believe in Him means to obey Him.  What's throwing you off balance today?  Mine is overeating.

From My Heart to Yours,

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