Gifty, Trendy, and Tasty--Upscale POPCORN

Another taste treat to add to your Fall repertoire

     One of the best things about conferences is the exploration of a city and its yummy food. While at the Christian Writers' Conference near Phoenix last week, we discovered POPCORN! Not just any POPCORN, but out-of-this-world, topped with tantalizing flavor POPCORN. Fourteen different flavors. Caramel, Cheddar, Nacho, Sour Cream & Onion, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Rocky Road, Cinnamon Bun to name a few. The world-famous Zebra™ Chocolate Popcorn made its debut on the Food Network.                                                                             
     We drooled on the glass counter and sucked in the aromas while tasting teeny samples of our decadent choices. Legal tender was liberally exchanged for four delicacies to delight the family--Nacho, Sour Cream & Onion, Cinnamon Toast, and White Chocolate Caramel.
     The White Chocolate Caramel is gone--right down to the last kernel! The twist tie on Cinnamon Toast Crunch has been turned like a corkscrew emitting the enhancing flavor.  The last two we'll savor (or the young men will enjoy) over several family night movies, old family DVDs, games, bonding times. Even stale, these will excite the taste buds.
     These delightful flavors of POPCORN are made by "Popcornopolis", a business out of El Segundo, California. The manager explained that there are several of these trendy taste treats in California, but this one at the Chandler Fashion Center is the only one in Arizona.  And to think we live only about two hours from Chandler and have never heard of this delight. I checked their web site for other locations. It mentioned a store in Williamsburg, Virginia and one in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.
     Another taste treat that the locals at the writers' conference introduced us to was a Mexican restaurant that has been featured on the Food Network. Dives and other Hole in the Wall restaurants was the segment highlighting this storefront locale. Los Taquitos lived up to its reputation for real shredded beef, thick guacamole, and homemade beans.  If you're ever near Phoenix, these are two "must stops."

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