The Blessing of Hubby

And the Blessings Flow One Upon Another for those Who Are the Lord's
     Today is Hubby's birthday but we celebrated on Sunday when all could relax and enjoy our time together.  I made his favorite meal, Beef Stroganoff with basil green beans, noodles, and crescent rolls.  We set a festive table in the dining room with crystal goblets and burning candles, dripping burgundy wax into the holders.  Youngest picked up the ice cream cake for dessert while oldest helped with the preparations.
     Hubby is the one who works hard to provide the roof over our head, the food on the table, the oil to make the cars run, the tuition for our young men to attend college, the strength in times of crises,  the levelheaded wisdom when life is out of kilter.  He's the one who picks up the forgotten items from the grocery store, cleans up a messy kitchen counter, makes sure our young men get chores done, takes doggy to get Friday-night pizza, prays over us, and never asks for recognition.
     He's the silent, unsung hero.
     So for the precious gift of his life, I am thanking the Lord today and singing about my hero.


     Thank you, Lord for:
     242) the gift of Hubby's life and love
     243) times to celebrate the ones we love
     244) for helping me make Beef Stroganoff that delighted the whole family
     245) for Hubby's present--a new bicycle (soon to be here)

     246) for the beef on sale
     247) for a coupon for the cake
     248) for a job for at least another month
     249) for keeping youngest and me safe on our quick trip to CA for a funeral
     250) for giving youngest this time to grieve the loss of his foster mother and the opportunity to see, once again, some of the children he lived with when he was little
     251) for the second graders singing their hearts out at a concert for their parents
     252) for the privilege of comforting one of the children whose parent could not be at the concert
     253) for greeting at church today
     254) for sweet online-friends who share their hearts     255) for a comfy bed on which to lay my head

     "Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust." Psalm 40:4 NIV

As wives of men whom the Lord has blessed, are we giving thanks today?

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