The Blessings of Family and Friends

Hubby and the two-month old
   The closeness of family and friends, the fellowship with other Christians--immeasurable blessings that filled my week.  When you live a state away from all the family you grew up with, you treasure the moments and new memories being created with the next generation of family.  Hubby's cousins' children have been living nearby for a while but we're drawing closer together as they have children and celebrate special occasions.  We joke that we have become surrogate grandparents, as the real grandparents (cousins) live in other states. We've even included pictures to prove we have grandparent bragging rights.
Cousins at play
The birthday boy
      As one day melded into another, we enjoyed laughter, delicious food, and the celebration of a common heritage with close friends of ours who have been transplanted here with us.  They prepared an Italian celebration (my heritage) with Shrimp Scampi cooked in diced tomatoes, a cream sauce and stirred together with noodles.  Eggplant Parmesan, salad, garlic bread, and homemade cannoli rounded out the meal (recipes will be featured on Food for Fridays this week. We laugh over the idiosyncrasies of our background, the times we shared in California, funny stories, and the warmth of knowing you are accepted for just who you are.
     Joining the Gratitude Community this Monday, I thank you Lord for this weeks' blessings:
     221) the continuation of my job for at least a few more days
     222) being included in school pictures by a teacher's sweet invitation, even though I was not prepared
     223) working with a visually-impaired child who has a cheerful disposition and is challenging me in my strategies
     224) birthday celebrations
     225) little one's sparkling eyes as he opened presents
     226) toddler cousins playing with each other--all boy
     227) friends spreading a festive Italian themed dinner and decorated table to share with us
Colors of the Italian Flag decorated the table

     228) studying 1John1 with home group and time for gathered prayer
     229) protection when I fell so that all I have are a few scratches and sore muscles
     230) meeting new Christian women on line
     231) Hubby taking care of some of my chores after I fell.  His precious love.

Yummy Desert
    "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!" Psalm 133:1

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