Toting Rebellion

      I tucked my head in against my shirt to keep the light drizzle from falling on the library books I had just checked out.  As I scurried to the car, I wondered why I hadn't thought ahead to bring a tote bag to protect the books--just in case.  The sky was overcast, and although it's unpredictable to determine where and when the rain will fall during the Monsoon, I could have been prepared--just in case.
     My mind began playing old tapes from the numerous times I had not planned ahead or when I had believed my mediocre planning would cover the situation.  There must be an underlying reason for this imprudent behavioral pattern, I thought.
     Quickly scenes from my childhood flickered on the remembrance screens of my mind.  Times when  Mom would nag me to wear my sweater. I didn't want to be the only one in my class bundled up like it was 40 below.  I rebelled.  I wanted to make my own decisions--wise or not.
     Could I still have that rebellion buried deep inside? I wondered.  An attitude that keeps me from planning ahead, using time wisely, taking extra precautions, being wise. Or am I just not wired to be a planner?
     Whatever the hidden reason for my errant ways, I began to realize that I pressure my two young men in much the same way.  I can often be heard saying, "Don't forget...."; "Did you check on school?"; "Don't you think it's too cold out to wear shorts?"; and numerous other momisms.
     I want my young men to make wise decisions, not foolish ones born out of rebellion toward a nagging mom.  I don't want them to cut corners, leave tasks for the last minute, cram for tests, miss out on the peace of planning your steps in life.
     While I work on my own foibles, with the Lord's help, I've decided to try and apply Ephesians 6:4 to my grown men who still live at home.  It's never too late to learn.

     "Fathers (this also applies to mothers), do not irritate and provoke your children to anger--do not exasperate them to resentment--but rear them {tenderly} in the training and discipline and the counsel and admonition of the Lord." Amplified Version

     Much grace will be needed to put this into effect.
     What characteristics do you see in yourself that, unwittingly, you could be reinforcing in your children?

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