A Profusion of Blessings

     August in the monsoon desert brings a mixture of blessings and stifling heat.  I search for godsends round the corner,  gasping at the purple profusion of blossoms dripping from roof-high bushes.  A gasp that draws in the hot, thick, humid breath fills my lungs.  The beauty washes the August air with a refreshing breeze.

     Swiftly, ominous desert clouds smother the sun-soaked sky, rolling gray clouds cross the horizon.   Temperatures drop, humidity rises, hope for rain abounds.     
     Camera strap clutched in hand, I hop in the car.  Sky's dew drops fall gentle against my windshield as I edge my car up the road to a friend's house.  Tonight, I know I will chase a sunset. 
     My friend and I sit on her patio, chatting about writing as the breeze brushes against our skin.  I glance at her perfectly trimmed yard, and I hear, then see the summer shower.  Raindrops slow at first increase in steadiness.  We stand to feel the wonder and are awestruck by God's full promise--the rainbow arched across the eastern sky.  Cameras grabbed, voices enthralled exclaim, "It's a double rainbow." 
 We rejoice as eyewitnesses to a miracle shared.  The moment passes, our spirits lifted.  We say our good-byes and step into the August desert ten degrees cooler.  The blessing of a summer shower.
     Leaving her house my eyes are filled with the western sky.  Sandals scurry down the street as I run to the sunset across the desert road.  I feel akin to the storm chasers who crazily follow tornadoes, adrenaline rising.  I chase sunsets, adrenaline racing to catch the pinnacle of the Artist's glory.  There I worship.

     Standing on the side of the road, cars ride hard, and I feel their wind's push against me as I steady the camera.  With a cautious flick of my head to ensure my safety, I secure my position, eyes fixed on the glory revealed before me.  With smoothness and grace, the colors roll across the sky.  Golden yellow drifts into magenta, cooling into pastel pink on the horizon.

     Exhilarated and breathless from touching Him in His glorious creation, I carefully turn and cross the street,
feet plodding through puddles left from the summer shower.

     Giving thanks today
     151) for the wonder of Rainbows shared with friends
     152) for summer showers that cool down the desert
     153) for monsoon sunsets that reveal the glory of God
     154) for purple profusion that bless the weary summer desert dweller
     155) for a new job helping teach a special needs child
     156) for Your deliverance, Lord, from the pit
     157) for our family celebrating my new job
     158) for Hubby helping with pictures for my blog
     159) for You, Lord, drawing my heart to the little children I see at the musem each week
     160) for Your grace, Lord, that forgives my selfishness in our marriage
     161) for friends who edit my work
     162) for friends who write letters of reference for me
     163) for the many small blessings that I still need eyes to see more clearly

     "O Lord, our Lord, how excellent (majestic and glorious) is Your name in all the earth!  You have set Your glory on [or above] the heavens." Psalm 8:1 Amplified Bible

     What do you count as blessings when your world seems hot and humid, causing you to gasp for breath?

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