In the Quiet of the Storm

     Thunder rumbled all afternoon as the monsoon unleashed its spellbinding, restful power upon my weary body.  Wind chimes rang one loud clang then flailed with the gusts of wind whipping and bending backyard trees and bushes.  I sat curled up on my quiet couch, book opened in hands as I watched nature's dance outside my window.
     How many days have I longed for this time when I could sit quietly and listen to the music of creation?  All cares pushed aside, free from the guilt of the pressing "must do" list.  I basked in the luxury I allowed myself for the soothing rhythms of  this season will not last. A storm that fills the afternoon and cools the night is not guaranteed each day, not even once a week.  And tomorrow, the heat could sizzle above triple digits again.
     I write to the rain drumming on the roof, puddling the patio, humming the evening's lullaby.  For this I give thanks.

     "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under he heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1 King James Version

      Today was a time to rest and give thanks. Linking with the Gratitude Community at Multitude Monday.

     Thank you, Lord
     164) for the storm that brought calm and peace to my day after a busy weekend
     165) for all the babies cute with bows and the rounded bellies carrying the promise of life at the Baby Fair
     166) for all the children at the museum filled with wonder as they explore, tumble, crawl through wooden trains, push toy shopping carts, check out x-rays, run a pet clinic, and grow in knowledge and dreams
     167) for the team of people I work with at the University
     168) for the new position working in special education that You gave me
     169) for talking with dear friends from Minnesota
     170) for dishes washed and dried by the guys
     171) for the oldest putting away dinner leftovers for me, knowing I have more to do before the evening     ends
     172) for the youngest's call to let us know he's on his way home
     173) for Hubby cooking many of the meals on evenings when I had commitments

Bush bent by the wind in the gray storm
     Storms can lead to peace and difficulties can bring out the best in our families.  What blessings have you seen in the storms or the quiet comfort your family has given you?

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