Rule Breaking--A PhotoPlay

   A Stroll Through Carmel
One of many floral varieties gracing the streets of Carmel (example of two thirds of photo)
     It's time to break some rules, divide our photos into thirds or ninths, and jump into the summer PhotoPlay prompted by Claire at HighCallingBlogs.  I've never been much of a rule breaker, and I'm pretty predictable regarding the things I like whether it's food or photos.  I'm smitten with sunsets and crashing ocean waves.  Flowers alive with color captivate me.  My home and garden would be blooming in every hue of the rainbow, if I cared for the flowers properly.  Hardy roses and drought resistant flora, however, do well under my negligent care.
     Just recently, Hubby and I were blessed with a tranquil escape to Carmel, CA.  Tucked away beneath Monterey and the bustling city of San Francisco, Carmel paints pictures of quaint cottages, flower-lined streets, shady groves of umbrella-like Cypress trees, romantic sunsets, and winding hiking trails with ocean vistas of crashing waves on rocky ledges stretched into turquoise blue water.  Romance, beauty, rest, and Carmel are synonymous.
     Let's take a stroll through Carmel and it's neighboring Point Lobos State Reserve in hopes that I have unknowingly applied the rule of thirds to some of my photos taken there.
Cypress Tree on the Carmel Beach (Majestic Tree occupies one-third)
Cypress Tree (I think this broke the rule)
(Vertical Thirds)
Rocky Ledges along Point Lobos (Occupies two thirds of photo)

 Waves crashing over volcanic rocks at Point Lobos State Reserve (each spray occupies one-third of the photo--I think I broke the rule?)
Sunset on Carmel Beach (Sun is sort of in right one-third)
Sunset from Carmel Highlands
 "All you have made will praise you, O Lord; your saints will extol you." Psalm 145:10

What are you learning from the photos you capture in your mind or on paper?  Do they lead you to the Artist Himself?

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