Panting for Water

     In this dry, parched desert, water is a necessity, not just a fashion statement that you carry with you. The thermometer streaks red to 109 degrees.  Leaves on the trees shrivel under the blazing sun's heat.  Birds take refuge in the shade of scrub bushes and the streets and sidewalks are barren of people as everyone hides in air-conditioned homes, stores, or places of work.
     Water, the life-quenching drink, glides over prune-like lips.  It slides over the tongue, refreshing the dry walls of the mouth.  It flows through the hoarse throat to penetrate each body cell and pore.  Refreshment will come as the body absorbs the cooling moisture. 
     Construction workers, landscapers, the early morning walker, the Mom at her son's baseball game or swim meet, the errand runner--all pant for one thing--water.  For it is their life here in the desert.

     Jerusalem is a desert.  The image of thirsting for water was clear to the psalm writer. Panting for water is compared to our panting for the Lord.  Do we thirst for the Lord because He is our life?  Do we quench the thirst that threatens to dehydrate us of  spiritual life?  Do we long for Him as our body longs for water in this sun-baked land?
     I need to drink in the Lord more often and more frequently in my day to be well hydrated spiritually.
     How about you?

     "As the deer panteth for the water,
     So my soul longeth after thee.
     You alone are my heart's desire,
     And I long to worship you."

song by Marth Nystrom
based on Psalm 42

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