How Far Have You Ventured Out?

Rocky ledges jutting out along the coast within Point Lobos State Reserve

     So near the splashing waves and droplets of water spray, I perched on a craggy ledge poking into the sea.  There I drank in the water and tingled as the exhilarating waves crashed against the volcanic rock.  Hubby and I were on an escape. A time of refreshment and rest.  A blessed retreat to Carmel, CA.
     The ocean was luring me closer.  I asked Hubby if I could move onto the volcanic rock. To feel the spray, the power in the waves, to be drenched and smiling, to get a closer photo.  Hubby emphatically said, "No."   Wisdom is a gift from God. Amazing how invincible one feels behind the camera lens.  Or how we are drawn to the Creator's handiwork.

     "Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths,..." Psalm 148:7 NIV

     Where do you go for rest and refreshment?  Where did your summer take you? What makes you venture out beyond your comfort zone?

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