Chicken Alfredo--The Guys' Rendition

     I went grocery shopping with our youngest son just before Hubby and I left on vacation earlier this month.  He was stocking up on food for he and his brother during Mom's cooking absence.  It was quite fun to see this mature, capable side of my son.
     I pushed the grocery cart.  He threw in the items.  Boxed Mac and Cheese (of course), frozen chicken tenders, brats, gatorade, seasoned chicken breasts, bottled Alfredo sauce, and pasta.  I was amused, wondering if they could really pull off cooking a meal.  Forgot to worry about cleaning up the stove.
     They made their version of Chicken Alfredo and enjoyed it enough to make it for us when we came home.  So, this is how guys make Chicken Alfredo.  Quite tasty, even if this proud mother has to brag about her own sons.
     4 boneless, skinless pre-packaged seasoned chicken breasts (in the meat department)
     2 jars of Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce
     1 pound of Fettuccini

     Barbecue the chicken breasts (5-7 minutes on a side)
     While the chicken breasts are barbecuing, heat the Alfredo Sauce in 2-quart sauce pot on low.
     Cook the pasta per package directions (I usually boil the water first, turn the heat to med-low, add pasta
     and cook for about 12-13 minutes.
     Remove chicken breasts from the grill.  Cut them into bite-sized pieces.  Stir pasta, sauce, and chicken   altogether in a large bowl.  And serve.
     If you prefer to not buy pre-seasoned chicken breasts, you can marinate chicken breasts overnight in a half bottle of Italian dressing.  This also makes a nice meal in itself, leaving the breasts whole after grilling and serving them with rice and a vegetable.

    Today's recipe brought to you by MY SONS.

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