The Sea is His

 Carmel from Pt. Lobos State Park
     Framed for my memory is this scene among the cypress groves overlooking the Northern Coast of California.  Colors of aqua, blue, and white were churned by the day's blustery winds, but the only thing my heart grabs is the beauty of the Creator's hand.  His creation touches my inmost being, which echoes with love and praise as the waves crash against the rocks.  Here I find His strength, peace, and magnificence.
     "The sea is his, for he made it, 
        and his hands formed the dry land.
     "Come let us bow down in worship, 
        let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;" Psalm 95:5&6 NIV

     What causes your heart to shout aloud to the Rock of your salvation?  Is there a place where the whispers of the Lord are louder for you than any other place on earth?

    This post was created for the Photo Prompt from Claire at High Calling Blogs.

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