Time for A Review

     Welcome Friends from 31dbbb and Readers,

     Pull up a chair, sit right down, and let's have a cup of coffee together this morning.  I am really looking forward to comments, suggestions, ideas, tips, and techniques for creating a better blog.  So here come the questions:
  1. What is your opinion of the design layout?  Do you like the borders or should I find something else to frame the sides?  Does the color complement my theme?
  2. What suggestions do you have for a header?
  3. "Sneeze" pages--I have the "Getting to Know Me" and "Contact Me".  What do you think about adding a "Categories" page or should I just leave the categories in the list format on the sidebar?
  4. Any suggestions for how I can make the text column wider?
  5. How can I remove the "view my complete profile" line now that I have the About Me Page?
  6. Do you think the text size is readable?  Are the posts too long?  If I shorten them, how will I make my point or tie in the analogy?
  7. What do you think of the writing style?  Is there anything with the posts that needs improvement?
  8. What do you think of the sidebar? Design? Text size? Content?
  9. Any suggestions for increasing traffic on my site?  
  10. Any other suggestions?
     Thank you everyone for your input.  I appreciate this greatly.