Becoming A Better Blogger Workshop

     This is the first day of a 31-day workshop on how to become a better blogger.  So, you might see some of my projects posting here in my blog.

      The first assignment was to write a pitch about your blog--it's called an elevator pitch.  Something to catch the reader's eye or listener's ear quickly.  Interesting, yet to the point.  Here is my description:

     My blog is designed to encourage and inspire other Christian women with experiences from my personal life and Scripture verses that correlate to the post. I enjoy writing from my heart about the ways I have experienced the Lord's presence in my life, hoping to help others find Him right by their side as well. Sprinkled throughout my blog are anecdotes, family stories, amusing moments with our dog, Chip, and relational issues to name just a few. I also like to cap my posts with a photo that captures the heart of the post. Blogging helps me to network with other Christian women and share our experiences, our goals, our visions. As a writer, I hope to inspire other Christian women on this earthly journey with the Lord.

That's the long elevator pitch. And the short one came to me as I was writing this:

From My Heart to Your Heart

Looking forward to your suggestions, insights, and guidance.