PLAN PLAN PLAN--Day 12 of 31 dbbb

     I have a friend who always told me, "Plan Your Work; Work Your Plan.  Easy for her.  I am not disciplined.  A "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of person.  I feed on the spontaneity of the moment.  Then crash when I'm crunched up against a deadline.  Everyone around the house scurries to help me make my deadline when we have company coming.  And because of their generosity and love, company arrives with smiles on OUR faces!

     How different life would be if I followed a plan.  It would be freeing!  Giving me time for the passion of my heart to "fly" spontaneously. 

     Often I have a plan.  The discipline to follow it is what I lack.  I allow distractions of the moment to grab my time and attention.  I lie to myself (no, it's not fooling--it's a bold-faced lie), saying there is a cushion of time built into the schedule.

     Today's 31 dbbb workshop asks us to build a weekly calendar for ideas of posts that we would like to write.  This will be immensely helpful to someone like me. 

     That partial calendar you see at the top of my post lists ideas for next week.  While I have the freedom to change them if something in particular comes up, I still have a plan to work.  A way to prevent crashing at the eleventh hour. 

     Thanks to the help :) of my older "techy" son, the calendar appears here.  I am blessed!

     "But the noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds he stands."  Isaiah 32: 8 NIV

     What patterns have you followed that bring success to planning your work and following through?

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