Photo Play: Surrounded by Strength

"As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
so the Lord surrounds his people
both now and forevermore."
Psalm 125: 2 NIV

     Strong.  Majestic.  Protecting.  The mountains enfold me.  They encircle me with peace and comfort.  I look up in awe beholding this creation that speaks God's glory to me.  Sturdy. Unmovable.  Like a sentinel they guard the city.  A reflection of their Creator.

     This psalm, engraved in concrete, above the doors of the church I attended as a young girl.  I never noticed them until I noticed Him.  Now they speak volumes to me.  From my homeland in the San Fernando Valley to my present dwelling in the Arizona Son.

     This post is being submitted as part of the Photo Play feature at High Calling Blogs.  The feature is entitled, "When Details Don't Matter."   
     To capture this picture, I had to drive from home to a space near the base of the mountains. Too close and I would lose the essence of the encircling quality of the mountains.
     No desert hiking for me at this time of year.  Several snaps, then I finished my errands.  I reemerged to find a different quality of the mountains as the sun sank in the horizon.
     The action to capture this picture mirrors a relationship with Jesus. I need to move from my comfort zone.  To move closer and remove the distractions.  Then I need to wait, and return.  The quality of the relationship will deepen, enriched over time.

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