Cleansing Action

     Taco salad, chock full of meat, melted Colby/Jack cheese, torn lettuce leaves, chopped bell pepper and tomatoes, green chilies, and crowned with Fritos was on the dinner menu.  Carrying the brim-filled salad bowl to the table with my left hand, I removed the new blue and yellow flower centerpiece with my greasy-from-chips right hand.  Too anxious to devour this scrumptious entree, I had not washed my hands before juggling both items.  Thinking my prized new decor would be fine, I grabbed it.

                               Sin Smeared Pot                               

     With great dismay, I noticed three bold fingerprints left by my hasty maneuver.  Groaning, I said to Hubby, "How am I going to get these spots off?"  No one cared at the moment while they eyed the dinner.
      "Let's just eat and think about that later," he stated emphatically."  I obliged, ruing my careless decision and lack of planning.
     I could hardly enjoy the meal.  As soon as it ended, I grabbed my floral decor and carefully blotted at the spots with water.  I was too afraid to try anything else on the clay pot, lest it be absorbed. When the clay dried, the spots were still there.
     Next day, I found the De-Solv-it, a grease remover.  Carefully, I applied a paper towel soaked in the cleaner to the pot.  Still needed more.  Then the directions said to wash clean with soap and water.
     I held my breathe, hoping this would clean up my mess. The pot dried.  Desired results achieved.
     Then it dawned on me.  Isn't that the same thing we try to do with our sins?  Scrub hard with penance, apply good works, go to church, plead with God, and hold our breathe--hoping for the best outcome.  When all we need to do is apply the only product that will clean up our sins.  The blood of Jesus.

"What can wash away my sin? 
"Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
"What can make me whole again? 
"Nothing but the blood of Jesus;
"Oh! precious is the flow 
"That makes me white as snow;..."

Music and lyrics by Robert Lowry (1826-1899)

Cleansed With the Right Product

     What are you using to wash away your sin?  How frequently do you apply it when the need arises to confess new sins to the Lord?